Host a  “Peace Out Party”  with 6-8 Women Friends and Get Peaceful Baby!


So what is this party thing?

A Peaceful Woman will come to your home or office and introduce you, your friends or co-workers to elements that every woman needs to incorporate peace and inner calm into her life. AND, part of the proceeds will go to the charity of your choice!

“Peace Out Party” women will learn and experience;

  • Meditation and easy relaxation techniques that can be done anywhere, anytime.
  • “The Official Peaceful Woman Dance”, guaranteed to bring you to your happy place.
  • A potpourri of specialized inner calm ingredients that will feed the heart and soul.

Also added  into the mix;  divine silliness with a whole lot of laughing and, of course,,,, just a little chocolate ; )  In the end what do you have? Sweet inner peace that will stick to your ribs.

Details and “Serious” Stuff

* Parties are two hours long. Cost per person is $25.00.
A travel fee of .45 cents per mile will be added beyond a 10 mile radius of the Dover, NH area. (no worries, mileage is not charged per person)
A MINIMUM of 6 (six) women is required for the party to be presented OR a minimum fee of $150.00 if there are less than 6 (six) attendee’s.
* There is a $50.00 non-refundable cancellation fee. A percentage of this fee will be donated to your charity.
* Chocolate is provided however food and beverages ARE NOT.
* This is an alcohol free event until after A Peaceful Woman has done her thing.  We all know that alcohol relaxes us however, I teach a substance free alternative that you can add to your relaxation choices.

Dates are booking quickly. You may contact me at 603-973-1252 for available dates or you can email me by clicking HERE.  Deposit arrangements can be made at that time through Paypal or by cash or check.

 I look forward to “partying” with all of you future peaceful women! 




“I’m getting old!” ~ A Group for Women Over 50

Yes, we are aging, but who says it has to be a bad thing? Come learn how to embrace the aging process and celebrate all that you have been, all that you are, and all you are yet to be.

This group will be based on the book “The Next Fifty Years ~ A Guide for Women at Midlife and Beyond”. Each week will present age specific topics and will include: Discussion, Art, Writing, Meditation and emotional support to introduce another way to look at aging; a less scary, more empowering, and believe it or not, a more fun way!

Topics will include:
• Fear of Aging
• Health as we age
• Emotional and Spiritual self
• Financial issues
• Relationships with family, friends & new love
• Grief – Losing a spouse and loved ones
• Unfolding the creative self

You don’t have to do it alone, come and be within a circle of non-judgmental support and leave with a lighter more peaceful heart and more spring in your step!  Come join us!

Group will be held at The Luna Center for Natural Health, 660 Central Avenue, Dover, NH
Questions?  Call Janice  603-973-1252



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~Menopause ~ The Wise Woman Way
~Grief Support Circles