Heart-Centered Counseling


Your physical heart is an organ that you rely upon to pump blood throughout your body. Your emotional heart however is where you experience “feelings”. The expression of
those feelings might sound something like;

“That movie was so heart-warming.”
“I was broken-hearted when I lost my mother.”
“I knew in my heart that it was the right thing to do”.

These examples show that your heart not only pumps blood, it also connects you with;
emotions, intuition and other people. Heart-Centered Counseling embraces the
belief that your emotions and body are inter-connected.

If you have an over-abundance of stress in your life for whatever reason, your body will respond to that stress with illness and “dis-ease”.

Unhelpful behaviors commonly used to manage stress, anxiety, grief and depression are;
over-eating, over-drinking, over-working, etc. When done in excess, these behaviors are used to cover up these feelings rather than treating the root cause.

Heart-Centered Counseling will help you to safely open your heart and grow self-compassion while authentically reducing stress, anxiety, grief and depression by healing the root cause. Unhelpful thoughts and emotions will no longer control you. The result will be a natural shift as you learn to make healthier behavior choices that will improve your overall health and emotional comfort.

Mindfulness and acceptance-based behavioral therapies will be introduced to you throughout your journey. These therapies are based on a simple, natural process and they provide life changing results.

Heart-Centered counseling sessions may also include “Side Dishes” from the Inner Calm Menu and Reiki if you so desire.

It is ultimately your choice as to what you would like to experience and in what combinations. Your choices and needs will be honored at all times.