Mindfulness and Acceptance Based Behavioral Therapies



An integral part of finding your inner calm with A Peaceful Woman will be learning self-compassion. Using mindfulness along with Acceptance and Committment therapy (ACT),
you will learn a practice of kindness and unconditional self-acceptance towards yourself.

Accepting yourself unconditionally allows for your life to change in profound ways. This change will help you to align with your true nature while providing a foundation that will hold you steady and grounded no matter what “storms” may swirl around you.


The term mindfulness has been most often associated with the Buddhist tradition however,
it is found in other Eastern philosophies as well.
Mindfulness is now gaining popularity in Western Psychology as a powerful alternative tool to help with a wide variety of psychological complaints.

What is mindfulness? It is to be fully aware and present in each moment rather than being caught up in your thoughts of the past or the future. It is observing whatever you are feeling or experiencing without judging either as good or bad. The teaching is simply to observe and to be completely present with ALL emotions and experiences, even those that are unpleasant.

Acceptance Commitment Therapy

The primary behavioral therapy offered by A Peaceful Woman is a revolutionary new approach called acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). You may find it helpful to think of it as; Accept-Commit-Take Action.

Why is ACT helpful?
Most of us want to feel happy all of the time however, we have a wide range of human emotions including those that are unpleasant.

Disharmony is created within us when we try to avoid unpleasant feelings by engaging in unhealthy behaviors. (over-eating, over-drinking, over-working, etc.) We may use these behaviors to distract us from experiencing unpleasant feelings, but doing so creates a vicious cycle that is not helpful in the long run.

The more we try to avoid unpleasant feelings, the worse our behavior choices become in attempt to avoid feeling what we don’t want to feel. The worse our behavior choices are, the worse we feel about ourselves and the cycle goes on. The problem with this vicious cycle is that it zaps your energy, makes you feel bad about yourself, and keeps you from moving towards the life you truly want.

ACT uses the principles of mindfulness and can help you to:

  • Begin a practice of self-compassion
  • Learn how to live in the moment rather than the past or the future
  • Accept and embrace ALL of your thoughts, feelings and experiences without judgment for increased emotional comfort
  • Choose a desired direction for your life if you do not have one or wish to change your direction
  • Take the necessary actions that will move you towards your desired life with greater ease and confidence
  • Change unhelpful thought and behavior patterns that sabotage you and keep you stuck
  • Adapt to ALL of life’s changes, pleasant and unpleasant, with greater flexibility, ease and inner calm