Simple Meditation

Have you ever been intrigued with the idea of meditation?

Would you like to learn but think that you don’t have time to meditate?

You do not have to be a Buddhist monk or sit for hours in one position in order to
reap the benefits of meditation.

A Peaceful Woman teaches mindfulness and simplified meditation techniques that can be incorporated into your busiest days. You will be amazed at the positive changes and will perhaps wonder why you waited so long to bring this lovely gift into your life.

*If you are already a student of meditation, your practice is welcome and may perhaps deepen with my offerings.

Medical Meditation

Stress reduction methods can help with pre-surgical preparation and promoting wellness among medical patients. Medical meditation helps to reduce pain, decrease complications, and recover faster from surgery, chemotherapy, disease and illness.

Hundreds of clinical research studies prove that meditational practices can positively impact chronic pain patients. The methods taught in medical meditation are well researched and accepted by the clinical and medical community.

Medical meditation is an all natural physical and mental process. No pills or chemicals are required for results therefore it carries no potential for worrisome drug complications or side-effects.

Today’s medical meditation draws upon the wisdom from thousands of years of ancient Eastern traditional methods. However, while many may actually experience an adjunct spiritual rejuvenation, no religion is required for participating; non-secular meditation is just as effective. Success with meditation is simple: it’s all about the open attitude, postures and exercises.