Success Stories


Working with Janice where I finally feel safe and listened to; I was able to experience memories and thoughts that once only brought me fear, pain and loss- now bring courage, love, and connection; in learning, I too, am brave; I, too am strong, and I, too am loveable.  I feel an excitement about life today, about the adventure of the journey I am yet to finish; and I believe and feel secure in working with Janice, that as a professional and a gentle human being, she will not walk ahead of me, nor will she walk behind me; but if needed she will share this incredible experience called life-this present moment; through sharing her wisdom and her compassion. Leading me back into action, into living with gentle, guided confidence; I am grateful to know Janice and to be working with her.
~JtW  Barrington, NH


I “discovered” Janice at what was the lowest point in my life… the stuffing had gone out and I felt utter despair and sorrow. Janice helped stitch up the seams of my life and the apathy and sadness began to dissipate and sunshine slowly returned. Janice is amazing- I felt an instant connection with her when I made my first appointment over the phone. It is very difficult to describe the therapy she provides… you have to experience it. She is calm, nonjudgmental, astute, and frankly,  gifted-  at what she does. There is no cookie cutter therapy here… she uses her intuition to guide  her and provide her client with what is preventing them from their living a full life- and living their potential. She uses flower essences, meditation, breathing exercises, etc.  to assist in the process. All I can say is the individuals who find their way to her door are lucky indeed. Because of her the fog has lifted and sunshine is slowly returning in my life.
~D.S.  Berwick, ME


Last fall, I was going through one of the most stressful times in my 53 years and unknowingly, my blood pressure had soared. I was traveling for work, not sleeping or eating well and pushing myself harder than I ever had before. Janice made me my very own flower essence remedy to help calm my frazzled nerves. I faithfully took the essence in my water several times a day and it helped ease my anxiety and stress. Janice has also helped me learn that when we push our bodies and minds too much our health can be severely affected. She has taught me that I need to slow down, to breathe, to take care of myself. Since I am a Type A personality, I am not sure I will ever be a completely ‘peaceful woman,’ but with Janice’s help, I am learning to be more balanced, more calm and less stressed.
~B.W.  Dover, NH


After finding myself recently divorced  after 27 years of marriage, laid off from my job a week later and then having to sell my  house and move, I was suffering from chronic anxiety, stress and sleep deprivation. Janice asked insightful questions and helped me be in the moment with my feelings while also teaching me how not to over identify with them. What she taught me helped my anxiety level to come down. I never felt judged by Janice and always felt supported in a positive way. I am sleeping much better now and can’t thank Janice enough for being there for me and look forward to her continued support. I highly recommend Janice Borghoff to anyone seeking to live with less anxiety and more peace in their lives. With gratitude,
~N.B.  Durham, NH


As a young, single mom, I needed someone to talk to. I was battling depression, loneliness, and low self-esteem and needed guidance, direction and understanding. I was a lost soul! I was nervous about attending therapy because I had been raised to believe it was only for “crazy people” and that seeing a therapist was a shameful sign of weakness. Thank God I ignored that childhood programming and stepped into Janice Borghoff’s office! Janice provided a sense of complete safety and “presence”. Her sincerity, attentiveness and true caring was something foreign to me, yet very welcome and healing. The time I spent with her over the course of a year opened my eyes to new perspectives on life, and started me on a journey of wellness and self-awareness. I will always be grateful for the excellent therapy provided by Janice Borghoff.
~L.C.  Dover, NH


If you’d like someone to SEE you, and, not judge you…HEAR you, profound listening…FEEL with you, her face becoming the mirror of your heart breaking, or estatically joyous…one who can HOLD a Peaceful place for you to be whoever you are ~ reflecting back ,YOUR TRUTH, with a RARE and unconditional love, undemanding, wise and REAL, giving you support and gentle guidence…you just might want to experience Janice. THANK YOU, Janice !!
~S.B.  Stratham, NH